Silver Moonshots - The Research We Do, The Resources We Consider
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Our Resources

Our resources and research are backed by data and facts

We have a range of interesting research or reports and other background data relating to the 50 + older adult community today. For convenience we’ve split this into reports and other resources relating to the US and the world as a whole. This is an ever-deepening set of links and we are very much open to new data or research or reports that illuminate the major issues in our target space. Just click on any of the links below to read more.

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Silver Moonshots is a research based and seek to surface major Moonshot challenges in the older adult population and then encourage startups and other organizations to commit time and money to come up with solutions that can really scale.


Our efforts are therefore on creating solid base data and then a supportive environment to encourage people’s efforts. This supportive climate will consist mainly of mentoring and coaching-both in person and virtually using advanced communication technology.


Our efforts are to focus on a range of unmet needs, challenges and opportunities that the 50+ adult space offers in 4 major areas: