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Virtual Accelerator

The Silver Moonshots Virtual Acceleratorfor Startups focused of the 50+ market

Silver Moonshots’ virtual accelerator programs are aimed at startups and early stage companies that are focused on the older adult demographic –typically target markets of people in of 50 years of age and greater. Programs take place in six-week sprints, providing intensive incubation and mentoring virtually for startups looking to get faster traction and much greater opportunities for access to early revenue capital.

Silver Moonshots uses a proprietary Startup Launch Assistance Map (SLAM).We provide expert advice through online tutoring and directed learning experiences, focusing on deep and meaningful customer discovery (wherever possible), and by drawing on the most expert mentoring available in the world from an array of individuals who have not only advised successful startups, but often had their own direct success in the startup world.


The Program

For a fixed cost of $995, with up to 3 people able to participate in the program. We do not take any equity in participating entities.This virtual experience over the six weeks includes:

  • Required pre-program reading and video-course immersion
  • Weekly three-hour zoom conference calls
  • Initial presentations according to a template with peer mentoring input
  • 2 sessions with an assigned mentor to each participating company each week
  • Assigned ‘homework tasks’ between each session
  • Deep and active customer discovery each week (10 customers per week – 50 total)
  • Final presentation session ‘demo-day’ at which all mentors and both angel and venture investors participate


We maintain ongoing contact with all graduating alumni, and continue our support through providing connections and offering advice and other support, including pathways to angel and institutional investment capital.

Submit your details to download the full virtual accelerator program brochure:

Contact us at to talk with us about potentially participating.