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Virtual Accelerator

Silver Moonshots Virtual Accelerator


The Silver Moonshots “Virtual accelerator” is a cohort of 6-8 early stage and typically pre-or early revenue startup companies. Startups (and ideators) should be focused on older adults as their primary target and be available from 4.30PM pacific for the 3 hour webinar each Wednesday for 6 weeks. For more information email us as

Latest Cohort (2020)

Startup company Team Members Location
IGT Carine Zeier, Dr. Frode Alirash-Roarson, and Bill Evans Oslo, Norway
Catalys Health Maggie Allard Boston, Massachusetts
Ring at Home Ben Bassi and Donna Mete Boston, Massachusetts
Touchstone Life care Merran Cooper Sydney, Australia
On the Muv Joanna Medin and Hyla Cohn San Francisco, California
Unna Insights Jason Bennett and Jason Childs Vancouver, Washington
StrideTech Medical Tim-Visos-Ely and Humsini Acharya and Andrew Plum Boulder, Colorado
Prior Cohorts, Fall 2019

Tiara Grant,+Zachary Zuniga Alberqueque, New Mexico

Samuel Hui

+Lindsay and Albert

Hong Kong
Health Hive

Stephen Farber and Jasmine Gardiner New York
Memory Well

Jay Newton Small

+ Ben Sollenberger

and Michael Chandler

Washington, DC
Gate One Health

Derek Gorney Minneapolis, Minnesota

Eitan Lavie

+Zohar Karni

Montreal, Canada
Prior Cohorts (Summer 2019)
Caregiven Candice, Smith, Kelley Forseth, Max,  Arbow Portland
Clocr- SreeChitidan, ApoorvaChint ala Austin
Kinder Together Hunter + Spencer Hillman Boston
Routinify Bruce Sharpe and Pat Kelly Denver
Storriicare Cameron Graham SF
Flex Together Benji Rostoker
Emily Mischel

“Buyer Connect”
Amy Winchester

Lauren Barber

Joe Ford

Washington, DC
Sociavi Paula Muller New Jersey

The Silver Moonshots Virtual Acceleratorfor Startups focused of the 50+ market

Silver Moonshots’ virtual accelerator programs are aimed at startups and early stage companies that are focused on the older adult demographic –typically target markets of people in of 50 years of age and greater. Programs take place in six-week sprints, providing intensive incubation and mentoring virtually for startups looking to get faster traction and much greater opportunities for access to early revenue capital.

Silver Moonshots uses a proprietary Startup Launch Assistance Map (SLAM).We provide expert advice through online tutoring and directed learning experiences, focusing on deep and meaningful customer discovery (wherever possible), and by drawing on the most expert mentoring available in the world from an array of individuals who have not only advised successful startups, but often had their own direct success in the startup world.


The Program

For a fixed cost of $995, with up to 3 people able to participate in the program. We do not take any equity in participating entities.This virtual experience over the six weeks includes:

  • Required pre-program reading and video-course immersion
  • Weekly three-hour zoom conference calls
  • Initial presentations according to a template with peer mentoring input
  • 2 sessions with an assigned mentor to each participating company each week
  • Assigned ‘homework tasks’ between each session
  • Deep and active customer discovery each week (10 customers per week – 50 total)
  • Final presentation session ‘demo-day’ at which all mentors and both angel and venture investors participate


We maintain ongoing contact with all graduating alumni, and continue our support through providing connections and offering advice and other support, including pathways to angel and institutional investment capital.

Submit your details to download the full virtual accelerator program brochure:

Silver Moonshots Mentor Team

Screen Shot 2020-01-22 at 10.54.52 am

Matt Stodder
Entrepreneur, Startup Mentor, Executive Coach
Screen Shot 2020-01-22 at 10.55.02 am

Rania Nasis
Entrepreneur, Startup Mentor, Digital Strategist, Strategic consultant
Screen Shot 2020-01-22 at 10.55.08 am

Justin Radeka
Entrepreneur, Startup Mentor, Digital Strategist, Early-Stage strategist
Screen Shot 2020-01-22 at 10.55.13 am

Brittany Weinberg
Aging focused innovation and technology mentor

Ravi Bala
AgeTech Evangelist, Board of Directors-HealthSignals, Chairman of Board-Capital for Good

Michael Dorman
Entrepreneur, Startup Mentor, Digital Strategist, Global Marketer

Jean Galiana
Healthcare researcher, writer, speaker with a focus on elder care and optimal aging

Terrie Hellman
Healthcare/Longevity Executive, CEO, COO, Strategic Innovation, Business Development

Rafael Lopes
Digital Product Development | Digital Transformation | Commercialization | for Longevity & Digital Healthcare Sectors

Wendy Meyeroff
Health/technology consulting. Specialty niche: Boomers & Beyond© adults ages 50+

Peter Nicholson
Entrepreneur, Mentor, Advisor & Board Member-focused on Healthcare and sustainability

Paul Orlando
Guides company growth through rapid experimentation and experience with diverse companies

Leda Rosenthal
People + Technology // Argentum Senior Living Leader Under 40

Tiffany Shubert
Expert consultant and Mentor in Aging, Technology, Health & Wellness

Jon Warner
Mentor, Startup Board Adviser, CEO, Educator and Angel Investor in Healthcare, Aging/Longevity and other sectors
Screen Shot 2019-10-13 at 11.21.27 am

Fiona Thwaites
Startup Innovator, Marketing strategist, CX and Product Expect

Contact us at to talk with us about potentially participating.